Most of my sites tend to be very media rich, ranging from video blogs to some podcasts and photography based websites. As a result they are fairly high demanding in terms both of bandwidth and storage requirements. Normally this means having to go with a plan that is far beyond what I need in terms of other features, or paying additional fees to get hold of the storage needed to support the sites.

I’ve found that to be pretty true of pretty much every host I’ve been with, and in the rare case that I’ve been able to find cheap hosting with the requirements I need the company has been unreliable either due to overselling or through just not thinking enough about their customers and performing disruptive maintenance almost weekly. What I’ve ended up doing is using hosting accounts designed for five or so sites to host just one of my own and as you can imagine, having to log in and out numerous times to manage just a few sites is infuriating. So around six months ago, the hunt began for a host that would be able to offer me hosting for all of my sites in one account.

This led me to Blue Host. Initially I was wary as they do not offer a money back guarantee like many other major hosting companies. However, I found a lot of positive reviews online and a couple of friends had good experiences with Blue Host so I decided there wasn’t much to lose. In terms of my needs, Blue Host fit the bill exactly with 2000Gb or bandwidth and 200Gb of storage space — plenty for even a few of my sites to be hosted on one account. On top of that Blue Host offers a great number of email accounts and MySQL databases as well as fantastic e-commerce tools.

Turning to customer service, there is telephone, email and messaging support which has become pretty much the benchmark for all hosting companies today. Their control panel is also great, offering a lot of options at your fingertips especially statistics which allows me to keep tabs on the number of people hitting my media sites.

So, overall, I really like Blue Host but it’s a shame that they don’t offer a money back guarantee as it might stop some people signing up in the first place, and I’d prefer to wait another few months before I give this host a full thumbs up but from what I’ve seen so far

There are literally hundreds of Web Hosting companies out there and choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a daunting task. If you are in the process of choosing a web host for your business or personal needs, please read our Blue Host Review and reviews of other top rated web hosting companies at Best Webhosts

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